Step 1: You and Your Home

Complete exercises to determine how you feel about your home and future goals, and make a commitment to completing the Mother’s Anchor 10-step course.

Step 2: Daily Chores

You’ll learn about daily chores and how they can help you, and set some daily chores that you can follow each day.

Step 3: Routines Rule

Learn how routines can help you become more organized. Create and follow morning, afternoon, and evening routines.

Step 4: Your Weekly Plan

Create your own weekly plans so that you’ll have a focus for each day.

Step 5: Time to De-Junk

You’ll learn all about clutter, and start de-junking your home using the de-junking checklist.

Step 6: Weekly Quick-Clean

You’ll learn about weekly quick-cleaning rituals and how create your own.

Step 7: Monthly Tasks and Deep Cleaning

Go beyond the surface with monthly projects and deep cleaning.

Step 8: The Mother’s Anchor “On The Go” Planner & Essential Tools for Organization

Put together your Mother’s Anchor On-The-Go Planner (MAP).

Step 9: Cleaning Products and Tools

You’ll get a list of my favorite cleaning products and tools so that you’ll know what to stock up on when you visit the store.

Step 10: Family Home Project Lists

Print out a list template that will help you keep track of larger home projects that you’d like to complete in the future.