What's Inside

10 straightforward steps that guide you toward an organized and clean home.

Step 1

Complete exercises to determine how you feel about your home and future goals, and make a commitment to completing the Mother’s Anchor 10-step course.

Step 2

You’ll learn about daily chores and how they can help you, and set some daily chores that you can follow each day.

Step 3

Learn how routines can help you become more organized. Create and follow morning, afternoon, and evening routines.

Step 4

Create your own weekly plans so that you’ll have a focus for each day.

Step 5

You’ll learn all about clutter, and start de-junking your home using the de-junking checklist.

Step 6

You’ll learn about weekly quick-cleaning rituals and how create your own.

Step 7

Go beyond the surface with monthly projects and deep cleaning.

Step 8

Put together your Mother’s Anchor On-The-Go Planner (MAP).

Step 9

You’ll get a list of my favorite cleaning products and tools so that you’ll know what to stock up on when you visit the store.

Step 10

Print out a list template that will help you keep track of larger home projects that you’d like to complete in the future.

About the Author

Carolyn Langston

Carolyn Langston

Carolyn Langston created the Mother’s Anchor Home Management System (MAHMS) to help organizationally-challenged moms like herself become organized. Carolyn is the mother of two grown children and has taught preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade for more than 30 years combined.

Are you organizationally challenged? Carolyn believes that you can learn techniques to reduce stress, elevate self-esteem, and gain back a sense of control in your life. The MAHMS will bring calm to chaos and beauty to your home.

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