Setting up Personal Files

I am writing a series on decluttering and organizing paper. This is the second post in the series. If you want to read how I organize mail, please click here.

Personal files are used for storing paperwork that is personal to you and is used frequently.  This file is not for long term storage. Papers in this file need to be accessible. I like to keep my personal file directly behind my mail files in a hanging desk top file. Some people like to keep the their mail file and personal files in the kitchen under a calendar.

What should you keep in your personal files? That depends on your season of life your particular lifestyle and interests. Remember that your folders may and probably will change over time. Here are some examples:

  • A folder for each of your children to keep information that pertains to them — sports, clubs, school newsletters, etc.
  • A folder for your pets
  • A folder for your church, with newsletters, directories, etc.
  • A folder for your spouse or partner
  • A folder for any home projects that you may be working on.

Personal files are great because they keep the above paperwork from cluttering up your kitchen counters, drawers, and desk. Also, your paperwork stays organized and easy to get to. Go ahead and make some personal files for yourself, it will save you time and energy!!

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