Long Term Filing

This post is my last post in the Controling Your Paper Clutter series. In this post I will explain how to organize your longterm files. I call these files household files which are papers connected to the running of your household.

There are many ways to organize these files. Since I don’t have a lot to keep track of and I’m the only one using these files, I use a simple alphabetical filing system. You can also arrange your files by subject. Here is a list of some possible file headings:
* Automobile Records
* Bank Statements
* Birth Certificates
* Credit Card Information
* Driver License Information
* Income Tax
* Insurance (folder for each)
* Auto
* Homeowner’s
* Life
* Medical
* Investments
* Legal Papers
* Loans
* Medical/Dental Records
* Mortgage Information
* Paid Bills (I file this by month)
* Passport andVisas
* Pet Information
* Receipts
* Repair bills
* Warranties
I store my home files in a small filing cabinet next to my desk, so my files are easily accessible. Make sure you have a day to file and also to purge and clean out files periodically. It is help to have a “Desk Day” set up to take care of paperwork. If you need help with routines, schedules and or housework, please download my free ebook.

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